MAS Enterprises Ltd is a group company with a history of 3 decades in the spices and agri related activities from the plantation area of the state of Kerala in India.

MAS is a pioneer in the Cardamom industry of India. This is because of it presence in cardamom plantation, cardamom auction( under license from Spices Board of India), cardamom domestic trading and cardamom exports.

MAS India Kerala

The Company is one of the leading cardamom plantation owners. In addition the directors of the Company are also major cardamom planters. The corporate office, and the processing centers being located in Vandanmedu which is the center for cardamom production in India, makes its easily accessible to everything related with cardamom.

In addition to its cardamom activities the group has interest in Spices Processing and blending, Tea manufacturing, tourism, Agri input marketing, FMCG distribution, BSNL franchisee ship, HDPE pipe manufacturing and also own and markets PALAT Brand pickles and other food products.

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The agri division of the company markets its Own agri products and distributes quality products of other renowned manufacturers. The own Agri related products of the Company are HUMAS, MAS Agrifood, Neemex, AgriWet, Maszyme, AKOMAS, Brassinol.